Ich will eine Oper bauen! (Short Remarks on SFO’s Il Trittico)

That’s kind of how I feel about missing tonight’s performance of San Francisco Opera’s  Il Trittico. I can barely stand it, and I’m not exaggerating that much.

This is one of those transcendent productions that seem to come along maybe once a season. At the opening performance on Tuesday, Gavanelli and Racette inhabited their roles completely. The orchestra was together. The sets were bold without overpowering, which is impressive given the op art backdrop in Gianni Schicchi. All this from a Puccini hater. (A smart libretto and great singer/actors make all the difference.)

It’s definitely a Klaus Kinski of a production.

Also, in regard to the above video, Mick Jagger thinks he’s in the “Dancing in the Streets” video. Jason Robards sort of gets a pass because he was ill at the time. Klaus über alles.

(h/t Kim G.L.-S.)