Whither This Blog

The hardest part about launching this blog has been designing the header; I spent an inordinate amount of time thinking and rethinking design concepts. Since the blog covers many topics, I wanted to make sure I correctly represented its essence.

So what is this blog about? It’s about art in all its forms, including archaeology, opera, museum exhibitions, photographs taken by a neighbor, etc. It’ll include reviews of performances and exhibits, as well as commentary on culture and its byproducts, e.g. the DeYoung Museum’s “Pharaoh’s Gold Card”, a merchant tie-in promo for its current Tutstravaganza, “Tutankham and the Golden Age of the Pharaoh”; a t-shirt recently spotted in a “hip” gift shop that read “6th and Mission” over a graphic of a hypodermic; the state of antiquities in Iraq; the new Louvre in Abu Dhabi; or the use of the word “urban” (which I find extremely irritating).

Sometimes I see art/culture and create a material response; I’ll post the occasional t-shirt, bag, photo, or story. (In theory, and I mean theory, I could have called this blog “Dialogues with Art and Culture”.)

So, that’s what the blog is about.

After fretting over header designs, I decided that a simple design would suffice for now. At any rate, the direction of the blog may change, and the header may as well.

In closing, I thought I’d share my favorite header design reject, which was inspired by the aforementioned “Pharaoh’s Gold Card”.  Although this design does represent the spirit of the blog, it seemed too Egypt-focused. And so minimalism prevails, once again.